New Credit Card Scam Hitting Omaha; Skimming At Gas Pumps

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - John O'Donovan knowscredit card scams are common. It is no secret, scammers have beenstealing credit card information for years. But now a new scam istargeting you at the gas pump.

"I think there have been scam peoplescamming out forever, but it is just now more prevalent and there area lot more ways to do it," he said.

One of the new ways, is skimming, orusing a skimmer to steal credit card information.

The Secret Service Division of Omahaare warning gas customers to watch out. They have discovered fourskimmers at gas stations in NorthWest Omaha. The location of theincidents are not being released. Secret Service Representative, JohnGutsmidel tells Fox 42 News no one lost credit card informationbecause the crooks failed to pick up the devices.

Skimming is a process in which thievesplace a device, usually powered by a cell phone battery behind thecredit card scanner at a gas station or ATM machine. When you swipethe card, it gathers the information from your card. The thief thenreturns to get the device and you are hundreds.

"We have been seeing it throughoutthe country because it is so easy but we are seeing the internal onesthat are much more difficult to catch than the external ones,"Gutsmidel said.

The best way to prevent being skimmedis checking your credit card statement. The Secret Service alsosuggests paying inside.

Fox 42 News spoke with gas stationmanagers in northwest Omaha and they tell us they will be takingsteps to prevent future skimmers.