New Dragon's Lair To Open After Fire Damaged Old Location

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - An Omaha comic book store destroyed in a fire nearly a month ago is re-opening at a new location Wednesday morning.

This afternoon employees were putting the finishing touches on the new shop and they said they are excited to start a new adventure.

Employees at Dragon's Lair chose one specific comic book character to represent what they've been going through. The phoenix; rising from the ashes, starting over again. And for the grand opening they're hoping hundreds of customers are waiting in line for the doors to open.

"We've got a pretty good following and some pretty loyal customers so I think that's a definite chance that that could happen," manager Randy Pusch said.

It was nearly a month ago when Bob Gellner watched his comic book store go up in smoke. After a fire destroyed the original location and a large majority of memories inside, he and the rest of the staff weren't sure what to do next. "It was there for 37 years, oldest store in town, so I mean there was a lot of memories there but we're on to what we're hoping are bigger and better things."

Pusch said they didn't want to wait to re-open at the old location, so instead they bought a new place. "It's a lot more spacious then the old place so it's not as crammed. Everything's displayed a little more nicely and there's a little more light in this place then the old place so it just has a brighter atmosphere I'd say."

And to get it up and running in just a matter of weeks, family, friends and even former customers came to their rescue. "We've had customers come and offer assistance whether it be cleaning up stuff or helping us move or just setting up the new store and we definitely appreciate it."

Finishing up the displays and doing last minute checks of the inventory"we've got heroclix, we've got card games, we've got I'd say a little more room for our Warhammer stuff, all of our board games are actually in one spot now."

Everything and everyone coming together in a hurry to make sure their customers' needs are met. "We've put a lot of hard work in and we're waiting for this day and hopefully you know we'll have a bunch of folks that are happy that we're back and we've got some good deals for them."

Over the next few weeks, the Dragon's Lair at Camelot Court will be having a fire sale.

If you want to pick up an action figure, a hat, maybe even a book, it might have some smoke damage but they said it will be a good deal.

The new Dragon's Lair in Camelot Court opens March 26th, 2014 at 9am. It's located at 91st and Blondo underneath Romeo's.