New Mall Offers Digital Experience

OMAHA(KPTM)-The fight for retail dollars has only gotten tougher. That's good news for shoppers who are being courted by retailers for their business. The new Nebraska Crossing outlet mall is offering a lot of extras in hopes of bringing in big returns.

From large digital displays outside the mall which show the latest specials, to interactive kiosks and a social media section, the new mall is offering tons of technology including free lightning-fast wifi. According to Danny Pate of Centurylink, the company that set up the new mall's service, customers will experience a connection dozens of times faster that what they probably have at home.

There's even a parking board and an app that can help you find a space to park more quickly. "When shoppers come in, they're going to be able to route themselves into the most available and convenient parking," said Brian Smith who serves as Chief Digital Officer for the project.

The website at lets customers find out their ideal brand by answering a series of questions about themselves. The service will also be available at the digital kiosks located around the mall.

The new Nebraska Crossing will open to the public on Friday morning.