New Scam: Caller Pretends to be From Electric Company

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - A new phone scam is targeting you and your personal information.

Callers are pretending to be from the Omaha Public Power District and the scam could have ruined one Omaha business.

Tracey Bartek is part owner of Frank Stoysich Meats, a company that sells any kind of sausage - including cherry.

"What would have it done to this business, oh goodness who knows, but I guess I know well enough to not do that," Bartek said.

Her business was a target of a new scam in which a caller claims to be from OPPD and asks for personal information.

Some of the phone calls come from a number similar to OPPD.

Bartek's call came from Fordyce Nebraska

"I found it to be a little bit humorous because I knew that it was a scam but after I hung up the phone I became angry," Bartek said.

And Bartek isn't alone, over the last couple of days OPPD representative Jodi Baker said they have received dozens of similar complaints.

"Well it is really frustrating, its not just OPPD but other utility companies across the nation are dealing with this type of con artist," Baker said.

Luckily for Bartek, she knew better and didn't give away the businesses information.

OPPD urges its costumers to not give away personal information and if they receive a phone call from a scammer to hang up the phone and call them or police.