New Scam Targets OPPD Customers, Businesses

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Another ordinary Tuesday at Orsi's Italian Bakery this week quickly turned into something else.

"We got a call from a person claiming to be an OPPD representative in the customer service department," said owner Jim Hall.

That person claimed Hall was behind on his electrical bill and if he didn't pay up the power at the pizzeria would go out.

"They told us if we didn't go and pay our bill at a certain address or give them our credit card over the phone they were going to have someone disconnect us," said Hall.

It didn't take long for Hall, who used to work at OPPD, to realize something wasn't right.

"I said let me talk to your supervisor. As soon as I said I worked at OPPD, he hung up the phone."

The Omaha Public Power District told FOX 42 Thursday more than 60 customers have heard from similar scammers in the last month.

"Anytime somebody is trying to pry personal information over the phone from you it's best not to trust them and just hang up," said OPPD spokeswoman Jodi Baker.

It's the kind of advice business owners metrowide want people to know about.

"The scammers like to prey on people that are innocent, so you really have to be careful," said Hall.