New Scam Targets Those Curious About Malaysian Jet Mystery

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Screenshots next to Internet links appear to unlock the mystery regarding the Malaysian jet's whereabouts, but if you were to click on any of them you'd find out in a hurry they're not what they seem.

Here's how it works: first, a video is sent to people through sites like Facebook or E-mail. Then, those who click on it are directed to update a browser. Finally, those who do make the update, will have their computers infected with Malware or a similar virus.

"It is frustrating," said Tony Baker, a computer expert. "In due time you'd probably get a blue screen, known as the blue screen of death, and your computer will not boot. That's the worst case scenario."

Baker told FOX 42 News Wednesday there are millions of similar scams circulating on the Internet. Click on one and it's not just one person who's impacted.

"If a scammer gets a hold of your E-mail account, scammers could send the virus to everybody in your entire address book."

It's a nuisance Baker believes should serve as a wake up call for people who don't take care of their computers.

"Just keeping your computer up to date is the most important thing. Finding a good antivirus program to install into your computer is also ideal."

Experts also recommend that you don't click on anything sent to you by somebody you don't know.