New Year's Baby Born One Minute After Midnight

OMAHA (kptm) - The first baby of the New Year was born at Bellevue Medical Center just one minute after midnight. The parents say he came a month early and they weren't ready.

"This is Colton Alexander Ray," mother Kayla Ray says.

The first baby born locally in 2013 was just 60 seconds from being the last baby born in 2012. Colton was born at 12:01am. One minute shy of getting a tax break. "He was joking around about the end of the year, the tax break joke and he said with my luck he'll probably be born at 12:01 and sure enough here he is," Ray says.

Parents, Kayla and Ross, were expecting to have a quiet New Year's Eve as Colton wasn't supposed to arrive for another month. But they say it's a wonderful surprise. "My water broke at 10:30 and I wasn't for sure if that's what it was but we came in and I was already at 8 or 9cm and ready to goit all happened pretty fast," Ray says.

Making the Ray family's New Years Eve an exciting night to remember. And at 6 pounds 18 inches they say this holiday bundle of joy is pretty easy to handle. "He kind of grunts when he's hungry, doesn't really cry to much but he's just easy so far," Ray says.

A New Year's resolution they hope will continue for years to come.

Colton Alexander is the second son for the ray family. Kayla says she looks forward to the fun times two boys will bring.