Newlyweds Trailer Park Set on Fire

EWING, Neb (KPTM)- A couple killed in a trailer park fire over the weekend had ties to Omaha.

The newlyweds were found dead in Ewing, Nebraska Saturday about 160 miles northwest of Omaha.

Investigators said 30-year-old Alex Gabino Vargas and 25-year-old Victoria Lee of Missouri Valley were murdered. Lee is a former Missouri Valley city council member.

The man accused of killing them is Matthew Hinrichsen of Ewing.

Fox 42 talked with Lee's family and the woman who owned the trailer who said it was a crime of passion. Family members said Lee and Vargas just got married. They said she accomplished big things and her love for law and politics motivated her to strive for even bigger goals. At 18-years-old Lee was the youngest to be elected to the Missouri Valley city council. She was a few credits shy from graduating at UNO. She planned to join the air force.

Her husband also had talents of his own. "He was a nice young man. He participated in high school. In fact, had a violin duet with my granddaughter," Norma Fry said.

The newlyweds lived at the Fry Dairy mobile home park in Ewing. Park co-owner Norma Fry said she witnessed the aftermath of the fire and was left in complete shock.

"This is just so surreal. This is something that you would never believe would happen."

She said Hinrichsen may have been motivated by jealousy. "Maybe he thought there was more of a relationship with Victoria than what there actually was. Victoria had stated that she viewed their relationship as a platonic friendship."

Hinrichsen is charged with Arson and two counts of Murder.