Nightclub Cancels Hunter Moore Appearance After Backlash

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - A popular nightclub withdrew its invitation to a popular DJ after backlash it got on its social media profile.

Capitol Restaurant and Lounge originally scheduled an event for December 6th headlining Hunter Moore as the DJ. The club's general manager Travis Meyer said he and his business partner, Jason Himberger were hoping to attract a large crowd by inviting Moore, but they didn't know Moore's past brought life-damaging drama and shame to many innocent people.

While Moore is a well-known DJ, he is better known as the founder of, what many of his fans call, a revenge-porn website empire.

In late 2010, Moore founded an adult website called The site's slogan was "Pure Evil"--and for many it was. The site posted naked photographs of women and men without their permission and also stated their full names, social media profiles, professions and cities of residence. Moore, 26, verified the people in the photos were at least 18-years-old before posting pictures of them naked, many times, performing sexual acts.

Moore was not breaking any laws because his site obtained the photos from people who wanted to get back at their ex-lovers.

Trying to keep underage content off the site, unraveling drama, allegations and an FBI hacking case lead up to Moore's handing his site over to an anti-bullying organization.

Though he sold the site, Moore hasn't been able to escape the notoriety.

"I don't want Omaha to have a reputation of supporting him and supporting that kind of culture because I think it's really toxic," said Greg Harries.

Harries was one of the many people who expressed his opposition to having Moore come and DJ at Capitol in Omaha.

"It's upsetting to see a club bringing that sort of element into our city."

Harries said he believed the venue could book another DJ just as popular without having to compromise any integrity. He also added that he was not convinced that Moore's history was really in the past.

"He hasn't apologized. Hasn't really put that in his past," Harries continued. "He's still trading on that image."

Before Capitol deleted comments from its Facebook page, the list of backlash was long.

User Megan Hunt wrote, "It's not shocking or edgy for any Omaha venue to be hosting this man, who targets and terrorizes innocent women for a living."

Kyle O'Reilly wrote, "Please don't. As he [Moore] is a terrible human being and it makes it seem like you support terrible human beings."

Brooke Masek added, "I second the suggestion of others to find a replacement and maintain their business' integrity."

Capitol did just that. Travis Howe will be performing next Friday instead.

Capitol apologized for "not doing more research on him earlier". It continued to state, "we now understand the damage he and his site caused and empathize for those hurt".

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