"No Parking" Zone Expanded Outside La Vista Fire Station

By: Melina Matthes

LA VISTA (kptm) - It's been about a month since the decision was made to merge the Papillion and La Vista fire departments.

Stations have already made renovations and city officials say the April 1st changeover is on schedule.

Monday, crews installed "no parking signs" outside of one of the stations, but those living nearby said the new signs leave them with nowhere to park.

City officials said Papillion's fire trucks are bigger and La Vista fire station 4 will soon be home to some of those larger engines.

Officials said the trucks need room to maneuver and that's why the city had to put up no parking signs right out front, but those living nearby say it's going to be a problem in the future. "It's going to be interesting with the limited parking out here anyway. Right now it's actually pretty bare but it's not uncommon to see the sidewalk to the sign down there being full. So you figure its 5 or 6 cars that are going to have to figure out some place to park now and it's going to make things interesting," Ty Ebel said.

He's just one of many now looking for a place to leave his car. He and over a dozen others live along Park View Boulevard. Right across the street from them is fire station 4 and to make room for the larger fire trucks, the city of La Vista had to put up new signs. "Not good. That means people that live here don't have anywhere to go to park," Carrie Erickson said.

"Just finding out that they did that, I'm not too happy about it. Like I said it's going to bethe parking's pretty limited to begin with and then for them to take away the five spots here. It's going to make things like I said a little interesting to say the least," Ebel said.

And to avoid confrontation with law enforcement or getting slapped with a ticket, he said people will take matters into their own hands. "I think there's going to be a lot more people parking on the grass or kind of making their own spots in the complex as well so we'll just have to see how it goes I guess."

People that live in the area said police officers drive down Park View Boulevard all the time. They just warn everyone to be more cautious when they're parking.

Police say the penalty to park in the no parking zone will cost you up to $45 depending on when you get the ticket and how long it takes you pay it.