Non-Traditional Parents Keep Family Together Across Hundreds Of Miles

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - A gay man from Australia and a straight woman from Omaha have a baby together.

It's a relationship that made national headlines a year ago.

A month after the child was born the father picked up and moved away.

It's a relationship that's complicated at best, so how does it all affect the child and its parents?

Omaha and the rest of America were first introduced to baby Indigo a year ago. Now Indigo is walking and starting to talk. "I thank God everyday that I did this, I would never go back and not do it, because I mean she's pretty awesome," mother, Dawn Pieke said.

But everything she's learning, from tying her shoes to animals, she's been taught by her mother.

Fabian Blue is the father. After he moved away keeping in touch has been tough. "I think it's been about a year probably but it seems shorter then that because we've flown there a bunch of times and he's come here so we've been keeping in contact with traveling and also with Skype."

She said being a single mother is tough but she learned from the best. "I think my mom taught me that, when raising twin girls on her own, you just do it, you just make it happen and life's good if they're here."

Fabian Blue is a gay man. He wanted to be a father.

Dawn Pieke was around 40 and felt her biological clock was ticking.

She said many don't understand their situation and she's lost friends because of it. "It's brought a lot of emotions and feelings in other people that I know. And what's interesting is that I think they were looking at this situation as we were going into it as it being a perfect set up and no relationship is a perfect set up whether it's romantic, friendship, families...everybody's has ups and downs and this is no different."

Even though it's been difficult, she said she wouldn't change a thing. "God lead me to this opportunity to have her and the situation that we're both experiencing and I wouldn't take it back for anything."

And to keep their platonic relationship going, they still surprise each other. "Romantic doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in a sexual relationship or in a romantic loving relationship. Romance it's just treating each other nice and surprising each other...that word needs to be tweaked a little bit," father, Fabian Blue said.

Now the family of three is back together and one day it just might be a family of four.

Fabian still lives in New York, but he said he would move back to Omaha if the right job opportunity opens up.

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