North Omaha Battles To Cut Crime

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Anti-violence groups are coming together hoping to reduce violent crime in their community.

"I'm trying to make sure my grandkids can grow up in a neighborhood where they don't have to worry about shootings anymore," said Eric Burgin, a Citizens Patrol leader for North Omaha.

Burgin spends his free time canvassing some of the most dangerous streets in Omaha. Sometimes he'll even work into the early morning hours to make sure everyone is staying out of trouble.

"Police can't do their job if they don't have help," said Burgin.

Burgin tells Fox 42 News he knows his patrols won't fix everything, but it is a start.

"We're getting more people in our neighborhood calling the police, instead of me. I'm good with that because it lets me know that I'm doing my part and they're beginning to do their part."

It's one small step in the right direction for a community that needs it. In fact, other neighborhood watch groups are also stepping forward hoping to make the same difference. Neighbors tell us anything anti-violence groups can do to help is a big plus because they're tired of the violence.