Obamacare Deadline Looming, Must Sign Up By Midnight Monday

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - The clock is ticking if you want Obamacare health coverage this year.

By midnight Monday, you must either have signed up or filed for an extension to avoid fines and penalties.

"Hopefully, I can get something set up," said Jim Rezek, a customer looking to get covered.

Rezek was unwilling to deal with the hassle of computer glitches, which again plagued the federal website Monday, so instead he went through a private insurance company to meet his needs.

"Interaction and face-to-face time is really helpful," said Rezek.

By mid-afternoon, one company was busy with last minute customers. The biggest priority? Making sure people understand not to assume anything.

"If you visited the website a couple of weeks ago and started your application, but didn't follow through you really need to get that finished," said Tom Gilsdorf, a product development director for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.

If you happen to miss the midnight deadline and fail to file for an extension, all is not entirely lost. You'll have an opportunity in mid-November to sign up for Obamacare that will take effect next year.

If you don't sign up at all, however, you will end up paying a price. Blue Cross and Blue Shield tells us not having insurance this year means losing $95 or 1% of your income. By 2016, you stand to lose $700 or 2.5% of your income.