Officers Come Face to Face With the Lives They Rescued

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's a calm fall evening at Carter lake. But for Kay Dunn and her son Nathaniel Nelson, it's an eerie reflection of what could have killed them. It was Sunday, when their boat flipped over, hurling them and their dog into the chilling water.

"He was down more than he was up. And I knew that I was fixing to lose my son and I wasn't willing to let that happen," said Dunn.

It was officer Kelly Murphy who was patrolling the area at the exact moment the boat capsized. Police say had she not been in the right place at the right time, Dunn, her son and their dog all would have died.

"I'm just glad. It was god's grace that I was where I was," said Murphy.

Officers Mark Kiley, Bryant Wheatley, and Jake Bettin were the other four officers that made that rescue dive. Monday, they all came face to face with they lives they saved.

"It was scary, I'm not going to lie," said Wheatley.

But they all knew it was a daring rescue that needed to be done.

"He was clinging to life. It seemed like he didn't have much time left. He kept going up and down in the water. And I think if we didn't get to him in time he wasn't going to make it," said Kiley, speaking of Nelson.

"While you're doing it, you don't know what's going to happen, you're just moving. You're just doing what you do and to get back on the shore, I just remember looking at everybody and all of us, not even saying words, just shaking our heads," said Bettin.

Dunn and Nelson say they aren't afraid to get back on the water--they'll take better precautionary measures before getting back on what could have claimed their lives.

"I actually took a breath of water in because I thought I was all by myself I didn't know they were there with me. I can't explain that feeling of loneliness," said Nelson.

Remembering a nearly fatal experience, he says he's no longer lonely but grateful. And has a new reason to be thankful this holiday season.