Offutt Told to Re-instate Union Nurse

Nicole Ebat

BELLEVUE, NEB.--A mediator has ruled in favor of a nurse fighting for her job at Offutt Air Base.

Julie Sheehan says she was fired nearly a year and a half ago for her work with the American Federation of Government Employees union.

Working as the union's vice president, she helped get added benefits for union employees at the base.

She even fought to keep a larger break room for employees, but she says all those fights got her fired.

The base cited "unacceptable performance" when she was let go.

"From my point of view they see an active union person who is trying very hard to get employees to be treated properly with dignity and respect and they feel that they can treat people the way they want to treat them, but they don't," said Sheehan. "We're not property as government employees, they need to treat us properly."

The arbitrator's decision said the amount of "unsupported allegations" against Sheehan's performance as a nurse supported the argument that she was let go because of her union activity.

She'll be getting full back-pay for the time she was out of her position.

Now she's just looking forward to getting back to work.

"But I'm scared," said Sheehan. "I have excellent performance and I was able to prove that, but they needed to get rid of me and I'm concerned about how I'm going to be treated."

Sheehan isn't sure which department she'll be working in when she returns to duty, but she is hoping to stay in pediatrics.

Representatives for Offutt did not return KPTM's calls asking for comment.