Offutt Workers Gather For Furlough Meeting

Paul Gutierrez

BELLEVUE (KPTM) - About two dozen civilian employees from Offutt Air Force Base gathered for a furlough meeting at D.J.'s Dugout Wednesday night. For some workers, there's a big sense of anxiety these days over the possibility that sequester cuts could slash into their income by 20 percent.

"Considering when I got hired I had a baby daughter and had to move to a bigger house, so I'm very concerned about the future," said Jason Libby.

Libby isn't the only one worrying. A large number of people who showed up are still seeking clarity from their employees union about what happens next.

"I live paycheck to paycheck just like a lot of people, so it's going to be tough for me to pay the bills if furloughs start happening," said Offutt worker James Berryman.

For now, all eyes are on Washington. The employees union tells Fox 42 News cutbacks on paychecks likely won't begin until the end of next month if public policy stays on its current path. The union is also still seeking important input from the base itself. Until then, many civilian employees can only sit, wait and hope for the best.

"Washington is leaving a bad taste in my mouth because of this," said Libby.