Omaha Author Writes Children's Book About Distracted Driving

(KPTM)- You have seen it before, people multitasking while driving. Well now one Omaha father wants to bring awareness to distracted driving, by teaching children about safe driving habits. Jim Allen was a truck driver for 25 years, and saw lots of distracted drivers on the road, which caused he and his daughter to write a children's book 15 years ago. Now, they are trying to raise money to get the book published. Allen said, in today's world safe driving habits are needed more than ever. "When we wrote this book, texting did not exist, and from up in the cab of a semi you can imagine all the bad driving habits that you see. With the way people are driving distracted these days, it's even more important that we get the message out and we get children to learn these good driving habits at an early age," said Allen. If you want to learn more about the book or donate to the fund, click here.