Omaha Business Teaches How to Become Psychic

Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA (KPTM)-With a projection screen presentation, a speaker talking with a microphone, and a room full of fold out chairs, you might not assume this class was teaching someone to be psychic.

"Ringing in the ears? Anybody ever had that?" Andy Myers asked.

There are no crystal balls or beaded doorways, but Myers teaches people to be intuitive, or psychic.

"Sometimes that [ringing] can indicate that there's a presence around you," Myers said.

Myers says he helps give meaning to some of life's unexplained moments.

"Ever had a song in your head, turned the radio on, and that song is playing?" Myers asked.

Andy Myers and his sister Elizabeth opened the Center for Intuitive Advancement in West Omaha last year after they knew all their lives that they were intuitive.

Their business is made to look clean, mainstream, and the opposite of what many assume a psychic's business would look like.

"I always say maybe out on the west coast, this is old news and in the east it's old news. But in the Midwest, we're slowly finding out it's not so conservative after all and people cant get enough of it," Andy Myers said.

"It's a way for us to be able to reach everybody and provide something for everybody," Elizabeth Myers explained.

Dozens of people come to weekly classes to learn how to tap into their own intuition and develop psychic skills. The Center has a waiting list for months for one-on-one psychic readings.

"Everybody is intuitive, everybody is psychic," Andy Myers said. "Even the people who don't like psychics are psychic.'

The Myers teach people to practice the skill and test it out on people they trust.

They say the number of people wanting to learn to be psychic is on the rise. Myers says some of that can be credited to a tough economy, and more uncertainty of the future for some people.

"We're living in the most scary, confusing, complex time that this world has ever seen hands down. Maybe that's why we all need extra intuition as our compass to get us through," Andy Myers said.

Those that take the class say it's comfortable, fun, and believable.

"Now people are hearing about things like this and thinking 'maybe I'll give that a try'," Said Kelli McDanal.

"It's just like second nature," said Olivia Groth.

And for those that find the practice to be bogus, Elizabeth says she invites them into one of the classes. "We love to turn skeptics into believers," Elizabeth Myers said.

The Myers do not claim to have all the answers. They do hope to help people feel like they're on track, and hope to bring a positive light to their craft.

To learn more about the classes the Center for Intuitive Advancement offers, follow the link below.