Omaha Chocolatier Gets Emmy Attention

BY: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - A former teacher turned chocolatier gets national attention at the Emmy's.

"Cordial Cherries aren't normally shaped like baby seals and penguins but we are able to sculpt them so we can get just about any shape that we desire."

Snowmen, Christmas trees and love bugs are just a few designs at The Cordial Cherry and these tiny works of art are getting noticed across the country. Owner Melissa Stephens says she almost ignored an e-mail asking her to include them in gift bags at the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards next week. "Clicked it open and was kind of surprised at what they were asking of us and had to call my mom and sister over and have them read it to make sure ya know see what they thought and we just all looked at each other and we're like this is the real deal, they want our chocolates."

Now she and her staff are putting together hundreds of boxes for nominees including Apple, Time Warner Cable, HBO, MTV and Warner Brothers. "I just feel flattered and truly blessed that we've been given this opportunity," Stephens says.

Each attendee at the Emmy's will receive a four-piece box of chocolates specifically decorated by Stephens. "One of the things that I really pride myself on is our level of quality and detail in each individual chocolate and I really look at each cherry as a work of art in fact when we package them they're packed as you would porcelain," Stephens says.

Packaged carefully for just one magical night in Las Vegas, available anytime in Omaha. "We're eager to give a free sample to anybody who's not tried them and buy and large the vast majority of people who taste our cordial cherries realize that they really do love cordial cherries, they just prefer ours," Stephens says.

Whimsical chocolates turned art that are as enjoyable to eat, as they are to look at.

If you'd like to check them out The Cordial Cherry is located off 180th and Pacific.