Omaha: Dry Weather Means Smoother Drive

OMAHA(KPTM)-Tis the season for potholes but if you've noticed you're drive isn't as bumpy, you can thank mother nature for it. Omaha officials say the lack of snow did not crack the streets as badly as previous years. As an added bonus, the city is also working on smoothing out your ride.

Now that spring has sprung, Omaha Public Works is getting the calls. "Generally we try to attend to every request," said employee Darrell Parks, who is usually first on the scene. He's in charge of mapping out every pothole that's been reported. But he says with the dry winter season, there aren't as many requests as usual. "Because it was so dry, we just had the freezing weather. Very little moisture, so it's not as bad as it could've been," said Parks.

So, how does this spring compare to years past in the metro? Public Works says it's getting about 20-30 calls per day at the most. In previous years, officials say those numbers peaked at several hundred calls per day. Still, Parks says there is plenty of work to do. "Everything has to be scheduled in and luckily the weather is cooperating right now, so we're able to get some work done.

Public works says it has a $900,000 asphalt budget each year. Pothole repairs are included in that budget. Officials say money left over from potholes will be used for streets that need extensive treatment. To report a pothole contact public works:

You can also call 402-444-4919