Omaha Family Needs Help Adopting Son

An Omaha couple finally has their prayers answered, but to make their dreams come true they need your help.

This is Ari. He's three years old and still currently living in Korea. For the last several years he's been staying in a facility for disabled orphans. Earlier this year, an international adoption service granted Jeff and Lindsay Babcock permission to adopt him. Lindsay says it's something she's always wanted. "My brother and sister are both adopted and they're from Korea and so I had wanted that for my family since I was little and then when we got engaged we both wanted that," Lindsay says.

Lindsay and their daughter Zion had been praying to adopt an orphan for months and once they saw a photo of Ari they knew he was the one. Little did they know, Jeff had also seen Ari in a newsletter and was praying for him as well. "He saw him in the newsletter and had tore the story about him our and said I feel like we need to be praying for this child and so since we both were praying for him separately, then we really felt like then maybe we were supposed to be praying that we were a family," Lindsay says.

Now, the Babcock family is about to get a little bigger. However, while they have permission to adopt him, Korean officials won't let him leave the country. They're asking for thousands of dollars in fees to finish the adoption process. "The adoption fees are about what I make in a year," Jeff says.

So Jeff and Lindsay turned to their friends and family for help. They created a fundraising page for donations to bring their little boy home. And even though loved ones helped them with over 60% of the fees, they're still short nearly 10 thousand dollars. Making Ari's homecoming, even further and further away. "I think the biggest thing is if people don't know us that they believe in us. I would ask them to pray for us. We would be just everything that he needs as parents," Lindsay says.

With your help, the Babcock's may just have their prayers answered a little sooner. If you would like to make a donation to bring Ari home, visit