Omaha Family Speaks of Officer Shooting and Killing Loved One Six Years Ago

Franque ThompsonOMAHA (KPTM)- Tuesday night's police shooting that left two men dead is still under heavy investigation. Now that he case has brought one Omaha family to speak out on a similar situation.Six years ago, tragedy struck Betty Coleman Newby and her family. Her son, 21-year-old Leroy Goodwin, was shot and killed outside a gas station near 30th and Ames."I could never forget it because it happened on mother's day. And I said that will stick with me for the rest of my life, you know? But we getting through it every year," said Newby.She said deadly day started when her son shot someone during a fight. That's when, she said, officer Jarvis Duncan was patrolling the area when he showed up and shot Goodwin."He came out and seen what was going on. And everybody was running, my son ran to get back in the car and he was shot in his thigh once. And when he turned around to get in the car the officer shot him in his chest," said Newby.Goodwin's sister, Lavern Crump, admits she was devastated about his death. However, she said she believes Officer Duncan did what he had to do."He came up, my brother had a gun, my brother had just shot somebody, so what was the officer to do? I mean some shootings are justifiable and some of them are not. And in this instance, I have to be honest, it was," said Crump.Crump added, even though she considers this case to be justified, she would still like to see a better way to resolve a hostile situation."I would like to see some different training done with the police officers instead of using deadly force. If it's some type of other way that they can try to stop killing our young men," she said.Newby and Crump said, despite the pain of their loss, they've found it in themselves to forgive. They said every day isn't always easyeven after six years, but keeping their faith and memories of Goodwin close to their hearts helps them stay strong."It's ok now, I'm ok with it today than I was before. As time goes on, you know, you heal. But I always miss my son and I'll never forget it," said Newby.Goodwin's family said they have no hard feelings towards Officer Duncan. In fact, they said every time they see him they are always greeted with love. Newby said Officer Duncan still
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