Omaha Man Offers Reward To Find His Stolen Car

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - An Omaha man is asking for your help in finding the crooks that stole his car.

He says he made the mistake of giving them his keys for a test drive and they took off.

What they didn't realize? They were being recorded. The seller says he's willing to pay a lot of money to whoever finds his car.

He says he's embarrassed that he let the woman take advantage of him. However, he is hoping someone recognizes the car they were driving, possibly even the people and makes a connection.

Surveillance video is the only lead an Omaha man has as to who stole his car. "I'm out a car."

He posted his green Honda Civic on Craigslist and then got a call from a man who said his wife was interested. "They show up out here, out front of my house in a gold Oldsmobile Aurora with in-transits on it and a red placard where the license plate should be that would be the dealer plate."

She said her name is Angel. She handed him her driver's license and the names matched. He says she seemed trustworthy so he handed over his keys. "Never saw her again. It seemed reasonable, she seemed reasonable, and I was a fool. The boyfriend or husband or whoever it was in that gold Aurora, a stocky dude with nearly bald head and goatee, he drives off."

Now the surveillance video is all he and the police have to go off of. Officer Michael Pecha says Internet related thefts are something they're seeing more of, but there are ways to protect yourself. "In that case, seller should go with the buyer on the test drive. Again, if the seller could even bring another person with so there's multiple people along during that test drive...cause you know if that person just lets a potential buyer take the car by themselves there is an increased chance that something like this could happen," Officer Pecha says.

A mistake this seller says he regrets.

Police are asking you to be on the lookout for his Honda but to top it off, he says he'll throw in a cash reward to whoever finds his car.

The license plate of the green Honda Civic is "SRB 126." If you have any information about this crime, police urge you to call Crime Stoppers at 444-stop.