Omaha Police: Child Found Explosive Device on School Playground

OMAHA (KPTM) - Omaha police have detonated an explosive device found on a playground at Fontenelle Elementary School Tuesday afternoon.

Students were evacuated and are safe. The device was found about 3pm by a child.

FOX 42 News was there when the OPD bomb squad detonated the device.

"Fire in the hole!"

Around 3:00 Tuesday afternoon, a third grader at Fontenelle elementary school found a suspicious device on the playground. "I'm completely shocked, I mean I don't even know what to say. My kids play over here. I mean it's a little unnerving and surprising but I'm just really shocked," parent Charles Graham says.

"It was just a deodorant stick with a wick coming out of it and there's a little like pipe coming out the back with a battery, so it was kind of crude looking, but you couldn't see in the deodorant stick, so you never know what's in there," Principal Eric Nelson says.

The area was evacuated. Students and teachers were sent inside. "I couldn't believe it, you get that call and you're like wow okso we got out there right away immediately and my security guard is fabulous and we secured the place," Principal Nelson says.

But parents were not notified; as authorities say there wasn't time. "It was right at the end of the day and working with the police and getting everything figured out we just...our first concern was the kids safety and so getting them home was the first thing we needed to do," Principal Nelson says.

Even after the bomb squad disabled the explosive device the principal says that he's not sure what to say to the individual that left it on the playground. He said that the words he would use are too explicit to be used on TV. "Ya, I think it's really sad that someone would purposely put something out to hurt a child, you know that takes, there's a special place in hell for someone like that," parent Charles Graham says.

Police say they do not believe this device was related to previous ones found in January and October, however they are investigating.

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward and call Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.