Omaha Police Chopper Helps Catch Car Thieves

The view from OPD helicopter Able-1 as two men run from a car. They were arrested for stealing a car stereo.

OMAHA (KPTM) - The Omaha Police Department's police chopper filled in for officers early Saturday morning, helping catch two car thieves safely.

Police say they were called to a report of glass shattering near 113th and Evans Streets at about 1:30am.

Police helicopter, called Able-1, was in the area and tracked a car. A police cruiser found the car near 108th and Center, and tried to pull it over. The car sped away.

The officer held back and let Able-1 continue to follow the suspects until they pulled over and ran near 92nd and Mockingbird. They were caught nearby.

Police say burglary tools and a stolen stereo was in the car. A car with a broken window and damaged dashboard was found near the original call.

Two men, Zachery Moore and Matthew Jorgenson were arrested.