Omaha Police Helicopter Comes To The Rescue: Lands To Help Woman Being Abducted

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - It was a new sight for many, Omaha's police helicopter landing in a park in the middle of town. This after a woman's life was threatened. Now the police department is applauding the pilots for their quick thinking. Officers said a caller saw a man dragging an unconscious female from the Keystone trail into the woods near Roberts Park. Officers on the ground were too far away, so the pilots on ABLE-1 made a quick decision and landed.It was just like any other night for the pilots of ABLE-1. They were circling the city looking for criminals, but they said everything changed when they heard the dispatcher over the radio."Suspiciouscaller advised a white male, brown hair about 18 years of age wearing a white jersey with a number on the back, tan shorts was seen picking up a white female that was passed outcarrying her back to trees now near the keystone trail."The pilots were close. When they flew over they spotted the man dragging the woman into the woods."You're going to need to send a medic; this woman was completely passed out," Officer Jason Messerschmidt said. "At that time they decided to set the helicopter down and approach the suspect themselves because they feared for the female's life," Lieutenant Mike Davis said.Seeing the helicopter land and one of the pilots coming at him, police said the man quickly released the woman."One of the benefits of flying a helicopter you can do that in a helicopter, you can't do it in an airplane," Lt. Davis said.And now he couldn't be more proud of his pilots."They weren't putting anyone in danger or themselves or the equipment so they made the landing and they were correct in doing so I believe."A reminder that in this city, you're never alone... "We're watching out for everybody and if somebody calls in, their still police officers and they're still expected to do their job they just happen to fly a helicopter."Officer said it was a challenge arresting the suspect. After he was inside the cruiser, he somehow managed to escape and fled from the officers. He took off running through Papio Creek, but in the end the officers got their man. Police said the man had a warrant for his arrest. They took him to jail for escaping, obstructing an officer, resisting arrest and several other drug related charges."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.