Omaha Votes 2013 Coverage: Suttle and Stothert Advancing

Dan Welch

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OMAHA (KPTM)- Five candidates hope to become Omaha's next Mayor, but only two will advance to the May 14th primary.

Democratic Mayor Jim Suttle was elected mayor 4 years ago and survived a recall. His top goals are reducing crime and bringing more jobs to Omaha. Before becoming mayor he sat on the city council.

Republican Councilwoman Jean Stothert was elected to the council four years ago. Before joining the council she was a nurse manager and sat on the Millard School Board. She hopes to lower taxes by negotiating new labor contracts.

Brad Ashford is a Non-Partisan candidate and a current state senator. Ashford has been in public office for 25 years and has been a state senator for 16 of those. His goals are to bring more businesses to the riverfront and create a broader and lower sales tax.

Republican Dan Welch is a former city council president. Welch says his experience on city council will give him the bi-partisan leadership he thinks the city needs. One of his priorities is creating jobs.

Republican Dave Nabity is a businessman and is a part of the group Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector. He is the only candidate who has come out in support of reinstating the police officer position. He says he is the only candidate that hasn't held a city office and feels that this is a strength.

City council seats are also up for grabs.

In District 1, incumbent Pete Festersen is running against Ed Truemper. Both will advance to the primary.

In District 2, incumbent Ben Gray has quite a few challengers. Attorney's Bruce Hunter and Tim Ashford are in the race along with former police officer Tariq Al-Amin. Dennis Womack is also running.

In District 3, incumbent Chris Jerram is running against JR Jasso.

In District 4, incumbent Garry Gernandt is running against retired police officer Virgil Patlan and socialist candidate Jacob Perasso who is a Creighton University professor.

In District 5, state farm agent Jeff Moore is running against former State Senator Rich Pahls.

In District 6, incumbent Franklin Thompson is running against former Elkhorn Mayor Phil Klein.

In District 7, incumbent Tom Mulligan is running against Tim Lonergan, Aimee Melton, Cameron Gales and Don Kroupa.

Voter turnout is expected to be around 18% which is 1% lower than the 2009 primary. There are around 274,321 registered voters in Omaha.

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