Omaha Rapist Reaches Plea Deal Just Before Trial Begins

OMAHA (KPTM)- A man who raped five Omaha women may be headed to prison for the rest of his life. Anthony Vaughn pleaded no contest to rape Monday just before jury selection began for his trial. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors charged Vaughn with 2 counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of use of a weapon. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine told FOX 42 that the victims were relieved and happy to reach a deal. "For those other women who had a face to face encounter, I'm sure this gives them a great deal of relief," said Julie Arant. Vaughn was arrested and charged with burglary after he broke into Arant's home in 2011. The DNA from that arrest helped link him to five unsolved rapes in Omaha from 1999-2009. "I never encountered him face to face, he came and went without me knowing he was in my home," said Arant. Vaughn is facing up to 140 years in prison. He will be sentenced in early July.