One Business Loss Turns Into Other Business Gain; AC Unit Donated

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - Habitat for Humanity gets a lot of donated cabinets, chairs and other items that are used to build homes, but not often does it get air conditioning units. After FOX 42 aired a story on Monday about an AC unit being stolen from a center that helps pregnant women in need, a man decided he wanted to give his unit to the center.

"I called KPTM where the story was at and asked them," said Robert Woodrich. "They said the lady already signed a contract."

Essential Pregnancy Services was able to get a replacement through its insurance. But Woodrich, who just replaced his AC unit, didn't want to just throw the old one away.

"Well understand a 10-year-old air conditioner, four-ton like that is really like a 3-year-old car," he continued. "There's still a lot of life to be taken from it."

So he found a company to take it out and drop it off at the Habitat for Humanity Restore on 108th and Maple streets.

"These days a lot of people don't have a couple of thousand dollars sitting around for a new air conditioning system," said Justin Rybensky with Millard Appliance Service. "So if they can help a needy family out to not sweat during the summer then, I'd say it's a great thing."

Whoever buys the unit may not use it until next summer, but Woodrich felts better knowing his help went a long way.

"I just wanted to help some needy people. I didn't care who got it just so they had a need for it and it would be no charge to them of course."

Items donated to Habitat for Humanity Restore do not go directly to homes, but the money the store gets from selling the items goes toward funding to build homes.