One Last Attempt To Gain Your Vote

OMAHA (kptm) - The candidates for mayor are making a final push for your vote.

With just a day left before the primary election, mayoral candidates are making a run for the finish line and they're doing all they can to get your vote. "I was taught that you got to work hard for everything in life and this is no different so we go the extra effort, an extra mile today, that's why you see all this going on today, plus me being here to work the phones as well," mayoral incumbent, Jim Suttle says.

The candidates weren't the only ones on the phones, dozens of volunteers spent hours on the line making sure the people of Omaha knew exactly who was on the ballot. "I'm calling on the behalf of Dan Welch" "Can we count on your vote for Jean on April 2nd?" "Dave is a conservative republican who has stood up to the unions and will get their pensions under control"

The Douglas county election commission says there isn't a lot of voter interest in this race. Only about 18% of voters are expected to turn out and while all the mayoral candidates want your vote, they just ask that you head to the polls to pick your next mayor. "This is a pretty important time for Omaha and we need to have the right leader," mayoral candidate, Dan Welch says.

"You don't want this important decision about who's going to be the next mayor of Omaha and the city council made by a handful of people," mayoral candidate, Jean Stothert says.

"If you don't like the wheel tax, you don't like the restaurant tax, you don't like the occupation tax, you don't like how bad our planning department has gotten to try to do business with, if you really do want to see some change and reform so we have a better run city you got to vote," mayoral candidate, Dave Nabity says.

"I think we should all get out and vote, vote for whomever we think would be the best and then we'll be a much better city for having done that," mayoral candidate, Brad Ashford says.

Polls open tomorrow morning at 8am. To find your polling place visit