One Year After Death, Family Says No Justice Served

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Regina Nash sits at her laptop looking at a home video of her brother share some comedic relief. It's been a year since she and her family have been able to hear those jokes in person. The video was recorded just a week before Robert Nash was shot and killed at a bar on 30th and Spaulding. Nash said it's always been hard for her to drive past that corner. But on Thursday, exactly one year after his death, family and friends gathered at that very spot to celebrate his life.

"It's my journey back. Like, I haven't been on that property. And I always said I wouldn't go back, but that ain't me, imma go back and imma put something there that I can smile about," said Nash.

A smile her brother could easily put on her face with his sense of humor. She said even in her dreams their sibling bond isn't broken.

"I hear him, I talk to him, he be cracking jokes and everything. And when I wake up I know he here. And I just keep telling myself that I am 'Ethie', 'Ethie' is me," said Nash.

The nightmare of December 6, 2012 still haunts Nash and her family.

Nash said, in an entire year, justice hasn't been served. That night at the bar, she said she witnessed her brother fall to the floor from gunfire. She said even though no arrests have been made, she knows exactly who killed her 'Ethie.'

"We know who killed him and I just like for them to know that I know and I'm letting it go," she said.

Letting go and remembering her big brother at his best.

"He a legacy, he a legacy. And we a team, you know. And I'm just gone keep it going but in the right way," said Nash.

She hopes her brother's jokes and his laughter live on through his children.