Outdoor Workers Don't Let Snow Get In Their Way

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- The freezing temperaturesand blowing snow from Tuesday made it very difficult for people workingoutdoors, especially when sidewalks were covered in snow.

"My customers make somesort of effort to get their walks and driveways cleared," said Lisa Tosone whohas been a mail carrier for 30 years.

Mailboxes that are coveredin snow are tough for mail carriers to maneuver around and the same goes forgarbage workers.

"It's alittle harder when we have to lift 60 pound cans out of snow drifts," saidgarbage man Mike Nielson.

On Wednesday the windchill was well below zero, and sometimes even down to negative 18.

But despite the harshwinter cold, Tosone enjoys her job.

"I love my job I love myroute. Believe me on days like this, I'm wondering why I'mstill doing it too-because I could have retired 3 years ago," said Tosone.

It's an Omaha law that you must have the snow cleared uparound your mailboxes for carriers.

Also make sure that yoursidewalk and steps are scooped as well just in case they have to go up to yourdoor to deliver your mail.