Parachute Team Trains for College World Series Opening Ceremonies

OMAHA (KPTM)- There's a very specific type of a person who calls themselves a 'Golden Knight.' "I love jumping out of airplanes-and I love serving my country-this is the best way you could possible to it," said Sgt. Blake Gaynor. Gaynor is one of nine 'Golden Knights' jumping out of a plane for the College World Series Opening Ceremonies Friday night. "The smaller the landing area, the tighter it is, that's the best chance for us to use the skills that the army's taught us-and that is target accuracy," said Gaynor. The 'Golden Knights' is a select group of Unites States Army members who spend their summers jumping off of planes to promote the Army. "(We get to) Travel around America in this air craft, connecting America's public to America's Army," said Gaynor. The team of nine trained Thursday for the big jump. Each team member checks their parachutes three times before jumping and carefully monitors the wind speed and direction, said Gaynor. "Safety is our way of life," said Gaynor. The nine Army men will be carrying the United States flag and flags from the eight teams in the College World Series. Gaynor said one of his favorite types of jumps is landing in stadiums. "It's kind of hard to hear in free-falling, because it's loud there's a lot of wind blowing. But as soon as your parachute opens, it starts off like a gentle roar, and you can feel the vibrations coming up-and it's quite-it feels good," said Gaynor. The Golden Knights are set to land around 9:30 p.m. Friday night during the CWS Opening Ceremonies.Written By: Maureen Wurtz