Parents Beware: New Social Media Trend Catching On

Paul GutierrezOMAHA (KPTM) - The latest trend in social media is being used as a vehicle for good, but it's also going to dangerous new heights.It's called the Polar Plunge and it's popping up on YouTube, Facebook and other websites. Quite simply, participants finds a chilly body of water and than dive right into it following a dare."I heard about through a friend of mine," said Melissa Head, who has tried the new craze. "After you plunge you're supposed to tag or appoint other people and I got appointed."Head took the challenge to raise awareness for a cause. She jumped in to help a Missouri baby's fight across brain cancer."His family started it as a way to raise money to help pay for his treatment."Not everyone who takes the plunge, however, is working for a cause. From Nebraska to Maine, teenagers are taking the challenge to brand new heights. In York, five students were nearly struck by lightning because of a Facebook dare."It's unreal how fast social media can really make an impact."It's the kind of close call prompting a warning from law enforcement to not be a daredevil."Be selective about what body of water you're going to do it," Head warned. "I wouldn't suggest a river because it flows too fast and I wouldn't jump into anything shallow either because you could hit your head and hurt yourself."Social media experts predict this new trend will eventually wear out and something new will eventually take its place.