Parents of Young Man Who Was Shot and Killed Frustrated with Police and Community

By: Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM) - This Saturday will be a year since a young man was shot and killed. His parents said they are frustrated with both the police and the community. The police, they said, for not keeping them updated of the case developments. The community, they said, for giving them leads on the suspects, but not the police.

"A lot of people they just don't want to talk. They'll say stuff to us and tell us things," Marc and LaRonda said.

Marc and LaRonda Lewis said they feel their son Jacquez Lewis's killer can be found if police and the community work harder.

"Sometimes I don't know where to put my frustrations," LaRonda said. "Do I put it on the police? Because they knew that this party was happening. Or do I put it on the community because they're not talking? Or my very [disobedient] child because he didn't listen. I didn't want him to go."

Lewis, 21, was studying Criminal Justice and Forensics at Iowa Western Community College where he was also on the wrestling team.

He was shot and killed a week before he was scheduled to head to the U.S. Marine Corps in San Diego, California.

Police said Lewis was walking in the parking lot to go inside an album release party at the Lothrop Social Hall near 24th and Lothrop streets when he was accidentally shot. Lewis was taken to the hospital where he died from injuries.

"There's too many people losing their lives and their assailants is walking the street enjoying Christmases, Thanksgivings, family functions, birth of children, graduations. We don't get that," LaRonda said.

Marc and LaRonda said they found pictures of guns posted on Facebook supposedly from the shooters. The people behind those posts, Marc said, admitted that the bullet was not for Lewis.

LaRonda told FOX 42's Leah Uko that she gave this information to the detective on the case and was told that police would follow the leads, but she never heard back.

"I don't want the young man to die in the streets," Marc said. "I want him to be caught then go to justice."

The parents said a detective told them Omaha Police Department's Gang Unit was across the street during the party and was knowledgeable that the people hosting the party were gang affiliated. This information, they said, was unsettling.

On February 1, 2014 it will be one year since Lewis was killed and his killer, Marc worried, is still on the streets.

"I can go to the store--I can go anywhere I don't know if the young man is standing next to me or not. I don't know."

Public Information Officer James Shade OPD would love to meet with the family and get more information regarding the case. He has contacted the detective and is waiting for a call back.

Shade wanted to assure the public that OPD never stops working on cases and that family can contact OPD anytime at (402) 444-5656.