Parents Still Want Answers After Kindergartner Walked Off School Playground

Nicole Ebat

WALNUT, IOWA(KPTM)--Some Iowa parents still want answers after a 6-year-old boy walked off his school playground Monday morning.

Ashton Chapman was find when a school secretary found him a few blocks away, but since then his parents say they've been trying to get answers without any luck.

Ashley and Robert Chapman want to know what the school is doing to keep this from happening again.

"Nobody seems to care, they want to blame it on a 6-year-old innocent child, but nobody wants to take blame for what the school failed to do," said Robert.

Fox 42 first spoke with Ashton's step-dad, Mike, on Monday. He said the kindergartner was missing nearly 30 minutes before the school contacted him.

Ashton's mom said she did get a chance to talk to the school principal Monday.

"He pretty much told me that they were not at fault that he was just a 6-year-old child being bad and that's pretty much all the detail he went into with me," said Ashley.

Robert said he scheduled a meeting with the Walnut Superintendent, but it wound up getting canceled.

When a Fox 42 reporter tried calling for answers, the superintendent hung up.

"The reason I wanted a meeting first of all," said Robert. "to see if they came up with a plan to make sure this doesn't happen again, to my son or to anybody's child--to make sure it comes to a stop now."

They both said they would prefer more teachers and better supervision in the school.

But at the very least, Mom and Dad want the playground completely fenced in so the kids can't get out on their own.

"Right now, I worry about if he's going to wander off the playground again or we live off the interstate, anyone could come and take him and no one would know," said Ashley.

The Chapmans said they want to see the adult who was watching the kids held responsible.

They said they plan on moving their children to a different school next year.