Parents Upset With School District's Plan

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - It's a plan the Omaha School District tells Fox 42 News that will get kids in schools at an earlier age, which will help them in child development. But, this plan has some parents upset.

The District's plan would put children in school at the age of three and be in school during the day longer and in classroom almost all year. The plan would combine Conestoga Magnet School with Kellom Elementary School.

Students would attend Kellom Elementary School from 3-years-old through 1st Grade and Conestoga Magnet School from 2nd grade to 6th grade.

Some parents Fox 42 News spoke with say is a big enough change that it causes many problems.

First parents are upset about the extended school day and year. The 25 minute longer days means some kids could mean some kids could be waiting to be picked up late in the evenings.

"Also, when am I going to see my kids," said one parent.

Keisha Mclemore is worried some kids would now have to ride a bus to school when before those students could walk to school.

"A half mile is quite the distance for two kids to be walking to school," she said.

The School District said they were trying to enact this program within the next year, but concern from the public has put these plans on delay.

Carla Noerrlinger, the District Researcher said, " What we have learned is that parents are attached to their elementary schools."

"We are just going to have a lot of work of working with the parents, community, and staff."

The Omaha School District said the plan has not been finalized and they would be seeking more feedback before passing any plan. No timeline for that vote has been set.