Omaha Teen Had Multiple Seizures from Latest Synthetic Drug

Packaging for Crazy Clown synthetic marijuana

PAPILLION (KPTM) - Parents around the area have been warned about a new synthetic drug that sent two Papillion teenagers to the hospital Thursday night.

The Papillion School system sent letters home to parents Friday.

School officials say a synthetic marijuana product marketed as incense and possibly sold legally to adults caused the boys to overdose.

The product, called Crazy Clown Herbal Madness, has become popular recently and has sent people to the hospital across the country in the past couple of weeks.

The Colorado Department of Health says it is investigating 75 cases in Denver alone that may be tied to synthetic drugs.

Local hospitals and the poison center didn't have any numbers for more Omaha cases, but will investigate.

A local mother told Fox 42 that her 19-year-old son has been in the hospital since mid August after overdosing on the drug. He had multiple seizures.

The mother said she tried to see what her son went through. She said she hallucinated, vomited and fainted after using Crazy Clown.

"You know, he's going to have to relearn everything--how to walk, eat, dress himself, go to the bathroom."

The teen has had dialysis treatment for his kidney.

"We might even be looking at some brain damage. So this stuff is nasty stuff. We've been through cardiac arrests."

"These people that are making it, all they care about is the all mighty dollar. If you've got any morals why would you even sell it in your store? I just don't understand that."

Doctors said it will take him six months to a year to bounce back.

Authorities said it's hard to make synthetic drugs illegal because companies are always changing the chemicals in it. By the time they test them and make certain chemicals illegal, companies have changed the formula.

According to Poison Control Center, 21 cases of synthetic drugs have been reported to emergency rooms in Omaha since the beginning of this year.