Park Has Become a Problem for Neighbors

OMAHA (KPTM)- Dandelions aren't the only things scatteredthroughout Deer Hallow Park.

"Just this slide, right here where you see the graffiti onit, will probably cost the city anywhere from $175 to $200," said councilmanGarry Gernandt.

Gernandt is on the Deer Hallow Neighbor's Association.

The association fund raised $125,000 to help build the parkin the early 2000s.

Since its construction, it has been a draw neighbors. "Wehad birthday parties there, we watched fireworks there when Rosenblatt didfireworks," said Kitty Brougham.

"It's a good family area, family oriented, once you movehere you pretty much stay on the block, in the area," said Amy Barbaria.

Instead of kids running in the park, they say it's coveredin graffiti and trash. "They'll plant little trees, and there will be kids thatwill come and just break them in half," said Brougham.

"Small percentage of individuals-I call them 'no-minds,'that like to litter, and like to destroy property with graffiti and breakingstuff like that," said Gernandt.

"It's probably just a couple of people doing it-because therest of the community uses the park, and loves it," said Barbaria.

Gernandt said the association is considering a coupleof ways to keep the park clean and safe, including a neighborhood watch andtalking with police for increased patrols