Parking Problem in the Old Market

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - When looking for a parking spot, CityEngineer Todd Phitzer says you need to be looking out for parking signs. Somedrivers Fox 42 News spoke with say drivers need to pay extra close attention toparking sings in the old market.

One of the signs to watch out for is a no parking signbetween the house of 11pm and 6 am on Farnam street near 12thstreet.

The city tells Fox 42 News they made this a restricted zoneto help police better patrol the area. Without cars on the block it is harderfor people to congregate and police can keep a better eye on gang activity.

Connor Jones has received two tickets in the old market. Onewas for parking illegally and the other was not putting enough change in themeter. He feels there needs to be more parking signs to help drivers avoidparking tickets.

"Signs on the meters would be nice, even a larger sign thatis equivalent to a stop sign would be nice, a different color to get myattention, anything would be better than a six by six sign."

But Phitzer too many signs would be too much clutter and couldbe expensive.

"So you have to find a balance where you have enough forpeople to see but not so many of them that it makes our street look reallyinhospitable and cluttered," he said.

Phitzer urges people to check the surrounding areasfor parking signs before assuming it is safe to park.