Partnership Brings Big Opportunity for University of Nebraska

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- The University of Nebraska has partnered with the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) to create a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). The research center will be used to detect attacks against the U.S. and its allies.

"The new national research institute will help us fulfill the responsibilities we have been given by the president to combat weapons of mass destruction," explained Commander General C. Robert Kehler of USSTRATCOM.

"Being able to contribute to the solution to those problems, that has got to make us feel good. And it does make us feel good," said Chancellor Harvey Perlman of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Only 14 schools in the country have a UARC. Some of them include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University and Penn State. This is considered a very prestigious opportunity for Nebraska

"I've never been more proud of my alma mater than I am today with what's going on in this kind of relationship and this kind of a future for the university and for STRATCOM and for the people, not only of Nebraska but our country," said Senator Ben Nelson.

"We are very proud to be amongst their many partners. But particularly a partner who will provide them leading edge research and possible technology solutions to meet their growing and demanding requirements," said Executive Director of the National Strategic Research Institute Robert Hinson.

Those demanding requirements include everything from research in nuclear detection and forensics to cyber and telecommunications law. The university was selected out of a number of schools across the nation competing for a UARC.

"It's conformation of all of the hard work our faculty has done in building the research enterprise both at UNL and at the medical center particularly," said Perlman.

The UARC is believed to offer more benefits than just plenty of research opportunities for students and faculty.

"It creates economic activity for the state of Nebraska and it creates jobs for young people that Nebraska needs in order to be successful," said Perlman.

The Department of Defense has awarded the university up to $84 million to support early research over the next fives years.