Paul Ryan Keeps It Generic In Council Bluffs

Leah Uko

COUNCIL BLUFFS (KPTM) - GOP vice presidentialcandidate Paul Ryan made a brief campaign stop in Council Bluffs Sunday. Hisspeech was short, but many say it was to the point: Obama bad. Romney good.

The Wisconsin congressman also talkedabout why he thinks his vision for the county's future will work - just with nospecifics.

"He's[Obama] not showing where he would lead the country, but it's not verydifficult to see where it would go because it's four more years of the samethat we simply cannot afford," Ryan said to the crowd of about a thousand.

After glossing over Sunday football game stats, Ryanverbally tackled his opponent--President Obama.

"He has given us four budgets with a trillion dollar deficiteach and every time."

Ryan told his crowd of supporters that heand former Minnesota governor Mitt Romney can improve the economy better thanthe president has these past four years.

"Here's how you save social security,here's how you balance a budget, here's where you cut spending," Ryan said.

But there were no specifics on that"here" and it didn't go unnoticed by his supporters.

"As much as I would like anold-fashioned, 1920 stump speech this was to the point," Timothy Jacques said."It works for today's world."

Ryan did mention his 5-point tax plan,but didn't go into detail on any of the points.

"I think he was a little general today,"Karin Keyes-Tech said. "But I haveheard him speak and his--he's got so many facts and they are the truth."

Ryan was clear on what he thinks about re-electing PresidentObama. He said it will hurt small businesses and the future generation, who hesays, will inherit today's debt.

In a rally across town, the Obama campaign's Iowa officeaccused Ryan of flip-flopping on taxes, healthcare and veteran aid.

"Paul Ryan was one of the only members of Congress who votedagainst the Post-9/11 GI Bill," said Patrick Murphy who served in congress withRyan.

"He's been telling folks that he's the ideal candidate forthe Tea Party for the last year," Iowa State Treasurer, Michael Fitzgeraldsaid. "Now he's expecting all of us not to believe that."

The Pottawatomie Republican Party said after Sundays visitfrom Ryan, around 200 people signed up to volunteer for his campaign.

So Ryan's message--clear or not--got through to some voters inIowa.