People Feel Delays as Crews Remove Snow

Zach Revense

OMAHA (KPTM) - Snow crews have been working around the clock to clear roadways, but they weren't able to get into people's neighborhoods until today.

The timing left some unable to get out of their driveways.

"We're trying to get out early in the morning, trying to get to work, trying to get to school," said University of Nebraska at Omaha student, Juan Cuadra.

"But we really can't, like today I couldn't get to school because I couldn't get my car out. It's a little frustrating."

Cuadra says he finally got to his sidewalks in the early afternoon. Around that time, Omaha Public Works reported half of the city to be cleared.

Some other UNO students chose to fight unplowed roads in their neighborhoods. Biology major, Tyquisha Valentine thinks classes should've been canceled.

"I drove through the Dundee area, and none of the streets were plowed," Valentine said.

"I feel they should think about the students that don't live on campus, and also the professors. Because I got stuck today in the middle of traffic for thirty minutes, so I missed my first class."

In the meantime, Cuadra said he would be getting in touch with his professor.

"I'm going to have to email my teacher in a little bit. But it's alright, it was only one class."

The City said that crews are expected to finish late this evening.