Peyton Manning Stirs Interest In The Omaha Metro Area

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - The Denver Broncos will be heading to the Super Bowl and that's good news for Omaha.

Peyton Manning screamed our city's name 31 times in the game against the New England Patriots and because he did that, over $24,000 will be donated to his charity.

Travel experts said it's a good thing and will boost tourism for the Omaha metro area.

Several Omaha companies will be shelling out big bucks after Peyton Manning yelled "Omaha, Omaha" several times in the AFC championship game, so that means more free advertising for the city.

"To hear him say "Omaha, Omaha," certainly we want to say, we love you Peyton Manning and please continue to shout our name," AAA Public Affairs Director, Rose White said.

In the playoff game against San Diego, Manning said the city's name 44 times.

During the AFC championship game, Twitter blew up with hundreds of mentions of Omaha. "I think its kind of cool, give a lot of attention back to Omaha. I mean now the whole nations talking about it," Jim Maaske said.

And to say thanks for the attention, First National Bank said its donating $24,800 to the Peyback Foundation, Manning's charity. "The value of it is just immeasurable. When you look at the cost it would take to air one 30 second commercial on the Super Bowl compared to the coverage that we're going to receive during the most intense moments of the game, I mean that's just amazing truly amazing," White said.

Sunday's win for the Denver Broncos means they'll be going to the Super Bowl in two weeks, but will that be a good thing for Omaha? We'll just have to wait to find out if he yells the city's name yet again.

The Super Bowl will air February 2nd only on Fox 42.

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