Pipe Bomb Found in Memorial Park

Meghan McRoberts

OMAHA (KPTM)- Omaha Police were called to Memorial Park Thursday morning after a man walking his dog found a suspicious item in the woods that he said appeared to be a pipe bomb.

Officers searched near a creek on the west side of the park where they found the pipe bomb.

The Bomb Response Team was able to secure the bomb. Officials say the device had another pipe bomb inside of it. When the second bomb was rendered safe, they found a third bomb inside the second one. They also rendered the third bomb safe, and determined there were no other bombs.

Police say the individual bombs would not do much harm, but all three together could have made for a stronger explosion.

Walkers, Joggers, and nearby residents say they came by to check things out when they heard a "pop" from the detonated bomb. They say they were concerned because of the location.

"The park gets a lot of use and a lot of families and kids down there," said neighbor Steve Calhorn.

"It's close to a school, there's kids out there in recess right now they just had the recess bell go off," said walker Joe Reiser.

Police say no one was in danger when the bomb was set off. They say it was far enough down in the creek bed that it wouldn't disturb nearby residents.

Police don't know how long the bomb had been down there. They searched the area to make sure there were no other bombs.