Plane Crash Kills Omaha Businessman, Son in California


OMAHA (KPTM)- A plane with two Omaha men never made it after it crashed outside of Fresno, California Saturday night.

The Clarke family is large, five kids, 17 grandchildren.

"My father was a giver," said Todd Clarke. "He would give in a lot of ways."

Now, two members have been taken from the Clarke family. Todd's brother, Scott, 41, and his father, Patrick, 67, were killed in a plane crash outside of Fresno, California.

"Kind of hits you in waves," said Todd.

Todd said the two went to California each year to race cars. "Most of the conversations with my brother involved automobiles of some sort," said Todd, with a smile.

It was late Saturday, early Sunday morning, when Todd's mother realized her husband never came home and his plane had never landed at Eppley.

"To think about your younger brother going first, that's not the natural order of things," said Todd.

Todd said the only thing that can cut through the crime tape is his faith. "I'm thankful we have our faith. Right now, it feels like that's all we have."

Patrick started two Omaha-based investment companies. Todd said he was also involved in Boy Scouts and their Church. "Dad was always giving, I think that's where he found a lot of great joy in this life."

One other thing that always put smile on Patrick's face, his family. "Spending time with family was most important to him, and my brother." Their last minutes may have been tragic, but their family takes comfort knowing that they were spent together.

FRESNO COUNTY, California (KPTM) - A small plane flying from California to Omaha crashed Saturday night, killing and Omaha businessman and his son.

A family member told FOX 42 News that 41-year-old Scott Clarke was flying his plane from the Fresno area, when it went down at about 7:20pm local time.

His father Patrick was with him and was also killed.

Scott Clarke was a doctor living in Springfield, Missouri. Patrick was the co-founder of North Star Financial in Omaha, and also led the building of local investment firm, Clarke Lanzen Skalla, LLC.

The family says they plan to return Patrick and Scott to Omaha, but are still sorting out the details.