Plumber: Keeping Your House Too Cold Could Cost You

OMAHA(KPTM)- Bitterly cold conditions can cause health problems and car problems, but many people don't consider the impact the extreme cold can have on the home.

Turning down the heat to save money on your energy bills? One plumber warns, don't go too low or you risk frozen lines and burst pipes.

For Mike Miller, keeping his home warm is about more than just comfort. He keeps his home at 68 degrees, which may sound expensive but he says it's better than paying for expensive repairs that can result from a burst pipe. WIth wind chill values well into the negative numbers, Miller says this morning he got a lot of calls. "The wind is a major contributor to the freezing pipes because it gets in crevices that normally aren't exposed to maybe just cold. Heating the home can extract that, but when we get the wind added to that is when we really run into problems," said Miller.

So, besides keeping your house above 68 degrees, what can you do? Miller recommends knowing your home well enough to keep an eye on areas that could get colder than the rest of your house and possibly house vulnerable pipes and lines. He adds that leaving cabinet doors open to help circulate warm air can also help fight off freezing.