Police Arrest Man Using Parking Meter To Smash Windows Of Downtown Business

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - An Omaha man is behind bars after police said he destroyed a new car and smashed the store front window of a downtown business with a parking meter. A witness next door said he saw the whole thing happen. Now he's encouraging everyone to report crimes if they see them. When the employees of the downtown Max I Walker came into work Monday morning they were surprised to find the glass door shattered and they said that's when they realized the BMW parked out front was also damaged. Police said the crook used a parking meter, but the employees wondered where he got it. There weren't any around."No, not unless you go down to 21st street but none right around here so he had to of picked it up someplace else and brought it up here," Max I Walker manager, Sheryl Burgess said.Police said 22-year-old Matthew Smolsky shattered the BMW's windshield, driver's side window and mirror. Then they said he swung the parking meter into the front door of Max I Walker."The door that he broke out, he smashed it directly into here which then shattered it all the way up and it looked like barbed wire, the design of it going up the window," Burgess said."There's not even any parking meters nearby, so the guy must have carried it pretty far," victim, Stuart McWilliams said."I don't know where he found it or how he got it out but he sure enough had it on him," Stephen Nichols said.Nichols said he saw Smolsky commit the crime. He's the witness that called police. He said he was doing laundry when he heard the glass shatter."I looked down and I realized he was breaking into the car so I called 911 and he turned around and slung the, I guess, parking meter through the Max I Walker door and then the alarm went off and he ran and I called the cops and they were on their way and I met them and he tried to sneak around the back through the parking area and I spotted him and pointed him out and they descended on him and they got him."McWilliams said he's thankful Nichols called police. He bought his BMW only a month ago."Pretty frustrating. It looks like I'll be looking for a new car now."The witness, Stephen Nichols, said he wouldn't hesitate to contact police again if he saw something suspicious. He encourages everyone to say something, if they see something. 22-year-old Matthew Smolsky was arrested for destruction of property and theft. Police said he was under the influence of alcohol when he was taken into custody."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.