Police Award Girl For Bravery.

Leah Uko OMAHA (KPTM)- Police went to an elementary school to award a little girl for being brave and smart. Police officers said when two people broke into a house near 78th Street and Blondo Street, the 12-year-old girl stayed calm and called 911. Katelyn Allen is humbled by the attention, but gives the credit to others. "The person on 911 that was talking to me was very calm and I knew that if she was calm that I would be calm and everything would be fine," said Allen. Police said the 12-year-old played it smart when two people broke into her home two weeks ago. Allen was home alone on spring break. Her father John Allen said he was surprised at how his daughter handled herself. "You think, what you would do and I don't think I would be as level headed as she was," said Allen. When she heard them break in, she ran into the bathroom, locked the door, and called 911. She stayed on the phone, giving descriptions to the operator entire time. "When he became kicking in the bathroom door where she was at, she escaped through the window and I think that's why she did such a phenomenal job. We have a lot of adults who don't even provide as much information or they just freeze up," said LT. Marcia Janucik, with the Omaha Police Department. Police presented Allen with the bravery and courage award, because they said she did everything right. "Even with adults people will panic or they freeze up or the words don't come, but that's how she stayed calm and was able to provide that information. That's what made it special," said LT. Janucik. Police said people should always have somewhere to hide like the bathroom, but also make sure you have somewhere to escape. Police also add that if your child is home alone during a burglary to have them call 911, not anyone else. If they ever hear someone knocking on the door, police said to make noise to indicate someone is home. And lastly, police said people need to stay calm. "When you're calm, you can think more clearly and when you're, like, all over the place and freaking out they might actually hear you and actually capture you," said Allen. Police also said that kids who do stay home alone should know their address, phone number and how to dial 911.