Police Investigate String of Daytime Break-Ins

Meghan McRoberts

RALSTON (KPTM)- When you think ofa break-in happening at a home you might assume it happened at night, in aplace that's not well lit or maybe in a bad part of town.

Police say day time break-ins are happening all over townand now they want you to keep your eye out for your neighbors.

"It's kind of surreal you know you see things like that inmovies and things like that, just like that really doesn't happen to me," MitchLarson said.

Larson never thought his home would be broken into. He haslived in Ralston all of his life- with out a single worry

"I come in and a bunch of my stuff is missing."

Recently he came home after work to find several televisionsets and electronics missing. Most likely after he says someone broke in through an openback window.

"I could see during the week maybe but you don't think on aSunday afternoon something like that could happen."

Ralston Police said these day time break -ins have been commonfor the past couple months-especially within a few miles of 84th and Q. Police said thieves break in through windows or doors whilepeople are working, usually anytime between 8 in the morning until 6 at night.

"I think they knew in advance, they knew what they drove andwatched them leave and probably knew, and had a schedule. I think it waspremeditated."

But it's not just in Ralston. Omaha Police say daytimebreak-ins aren't uncommon there either. Police were called to a possible break in near 34th and Dodge and even took one man in forquestioning Tuesday.

Police said even when you lock up your windows or even boltyour doors, you're still not as safe as you could be.

Larson hopes his neighbors will keep their eyes peeled.

Police urge people to start neighborhood watch groups andreport suspicious activity. They also said you should take photos of your belongings incase they are stolen. Make sure to write down serial numbers.